PRESS RELEASE: Samson Forms Partnership With Digital Audio Enhancement Pioneer Andrea Electronics

Samson Technologies, maker of the world's first USB studio condenser microphone (the C01U) and a current market leader in the computer audio market, has partnered with digital audio enhancement pioneer Andrea Electronics to bring patented noise cancellation technology to Samson's full line of portable and desktop USB microphones.

Andrea Electronics (OTCBB: ANDR-News) has been providing innovative audio solutions since the 1930s, specializing in digital audio enhancement in military, commercial and consumer applications. Currently, they're an industry leading developer of product solutions which optimize the performance of voice user interfaces for applications such as VoIP, video conferencing, speech recognition, computer gaming, in-car computing and 3D audio recording among others.

The Samson/Andrea partnership will officially begin in July 2014 with the launch of the Samson Sound Deck Noise Cancellation Software, which will be powered by Andrea's patented digital audio algorithms. A free version of the software will be included with Samson's all-new Go Mic Direct Portable USB Microphone. Later in the year, Samson will introduce the Go Mic Connect Stereo USB Microphone with a version of Sound Deck that will include Andrea's PureAudio Noise Reduction and DSDA Beam Forming software. Sound Deck will also be made available as a paid download on Samson's website to bring noise cancellation for enhanced VoIP communication and computer recording to pre-existing Samson USB microphones, including the original Go Mic, as well as Meteor, C0, UB and Q Series models.

"We're extremely excited about partnering with Andrea Electronics to offer an enhanced audio experience to current Samson USB microphones users, as well as future consumers," says Samson CEO Jack Knight. "The merging of our premium USB microphones with Andrea's software will result in some of the most advanced VoIP communication solutions available today."

"We are delighted to work with Samson and provide advanced audio features for their new Go Mic USB microphones, as well as offering their existing customer base of more than 700,000 USB microphone users the opportunity to update their current products with a unique digital audio enhancement software download," says Andrea CEO Douglas Andrea.

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About Samson Technologies:

Samson Technologies began in 1980 as a pioneer in wireless microphone technology. Today, Samson is an industry leader in professional audio solutions whose products are known for their fidelity and reliability. Samson products are preferred by recording artists, performers, educators and audio professionals throughout the world.

About Andrea Electronics:

Andrea Electronics Corporation designs, develops and manufactures audio technologies and equipment for enhancing applications requiring high performance quality voice input. The company's patented Digital Super Directional Array (DSDA™), patented PureAudio™ and patented EchoStop™ far-field microphone technologies enhance a wide range of audio products to eliminate background noise and ensure the optimum performance of voice applications.