PRESS RELEASE: Samson Releases Sound Deck Audio Enhancement Software For Its Extensive Line Of USB Microphones

Samson Sound Deck Paid Download

Samson, in partnership with Andrea Electronics (OTCBB: ANDR-News), is now offering its Samson Sound Deck Noise Cancellation Software for use with its critically acclaimed line of portable and desktop USB microphones. The Sound Deck audio enhancement software is currently available as a $3.99 download from Samson's website.

Samson Sound Deck is compatible with new and existing Samson USB microphones, including Go Mic, Meteor Mic, Meteorite, C01U, C01U Pro, C03U, Q1U, Q2U and UB1. In addition, the software is included for free with Samson's all-new Go Mic Direct Portable USB Microphone. Samson Sound Deck is the ultimate software tool for improving computer communications and vocal recordings. It will greatly enhance audio quality when using Skype, FaceTime, Google Voice and other VoIP services in noisy real-world home, office and outdoor environments.

Available in both Mac and Windows versions, Samson Sound Deck uses Andrea's wide bandwidth digital signal processing to identify repetitive ambient noises, including power supply hum, computer fan whine and other types of background chatter, and remove them from the input signal. This increases the signal-to-noise ratio so only clear and detailed vocals are sent to a user's preferred communication or recording software. For Samson USB microphones with headphone outputs (Go Mic, Meteor, C01U Pro, Q2U), the Sound Deck software also provides noise cancellation of the received/output signal for improved listening intelligibility when communicating with someone in a noisy environment. In addition, a 10-band graphic EQ provides customized frequency tuning to maximize the output signal and enhance the listening experience from speakers or headphones.

The Windows version of Samson Sound Deck includes acoustic echo cancellation technology for speakers connected to a microphone's headphone output, enabling full-duplex speakerphone functionality. An audio recording application with file export capability is also provided.

For more information or to purchase Samson Sound Deck Noise Cancellation Software for your Samson USB microphone, visit the applicable link:

Samson Sound Deck for Mac OS X
Samson Sound Deck for Windows

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