Samson Go Mic Connect in the Conference Room

You have enough on your mind in the meeting room without worrying about the audio quality of your video conference calls. Too often companies dedicate more resources to conference video quality, forgetting the main purpose of the meeting…communicating an idea.

Let Samson’s USB Go Mic Connect provide you with reliable, intelligible audio that utilizes Focused Pattern Technology, picking up just what you need to hear. Its superior vocal isolation can significantly improve meeting effectiveness and is particularly well suited for more intimate collaborative group environments. Simply plug and play for an instant audio upgrade.

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Focused Pattern Technology - When generally noisy environments can’t be avoided, improve the level and clarity of your speech by turning your Go Mic Connect into a directional array microphone. This directional array, or “beam”, quickly and easily adjusts as narrow as 30 degrees, especially useful for close group conversation and voice recognition.

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Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) - HVAC systems, fluorescent lights, and computer fans are typical sources of ambient noise in meeting rooms. DNR effectively reduces these distractions, improving speech recognition and providing a louder audio signal without increasing noise level.

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Echo Erase - Many audio conferencing systems are prone to feedback from built-in speakers, external computer monitors or large environments that are overly reverberant. If you’ve ever been on a conference call and heard an echo or thought the other party was talking from inside a cave, then you’ll appreciate the advanced Echo Erase component of the Go Mic Connect software. It uniquely integrates with the adjustable Focused Pattern Technology to eliminate muddying room reflections and delayed speech echo.

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