Samson's Concert 88 Camera Wireless System Shines In Its Debut At Sundance Film Festival

Concert 88 Camera at Sundance Film Festival 2016

The annual Sundance Film Festival held in Park City, UT is the largest independent film festival in the United States. Bringing together filmmakers from all over the world, Sundance showcases groundbreaking stories and emerging talent to a global audience of over 50,000 attendees.

Founded by Robert Redford in 1978, the Sundance Film Festival receives over 12,000 film entries with only 200 actually receiving the honor to premier at Sundance and be eligible for an award. Known for its casual atmosphere, Sundance also hosts some of the biggest names in acting and directing, some of which display creative projects while others attend the event to find up and coming filmmakers.

At this year's festival held from January 21 to January 30, internet radio network iHeartRadio selected Samson's brand new Concert 88 Camera as the wireless system of choice when interviewing some of Hollywood's biggest names, including Don Cheadle, Viggo Mortensen and Ewan McGregor. Lead red carpet reporter covering the festival for iHeartRadio, as well a national reporter for Review Nation, Derek Sante said about the system, "Samson's new Concert 88 Camera wireless system has proven to be a professional and affordable addition to any DSLR setup. Whether on a red carpet at Sundance or shooting reviews at a restaurant, the clarity and sound has delivered in every regard."

Samson's Concert 88 Camera wireless system features 16 selectable channels to minimize interference during multi-location shoots. Available in three unique configurations (Handheld, Lavalier and Combo), Concert 88 Camera is the only camera wireless system that provides two removable lithium ion batteries to support hours of continuous filming.

Watch the full interviews here:
Miles Ahead with Don Cheadle
Miles Ahead with Ewan McGregor
Captain Fantastic with Viggo Mortenson

For more information on the Concert 88 Camera Frequency-Agile UHF Wireless System, visit the Concert 88 Camera HandheldLavalier and Combo webpages.