Samson Hosts Live Podcast Recording for New York Launch Pod

Award-winning podcast records new episode using innovative desktop studio solution

On August 4, Samson was excited to have Hal Coopersmith, host of New York Launch Pod, visit our headquarters to record an episode of his podcast. For this event, we created a complete desktop podcasting solution using a selection of our audio equipment and accessories.

Winner for Best Podcast by the New York Press Club, New York Launch Pod is a monthly podcast that features new start-ups, businesses and openings in the New York City area. For its latest episode, we recorded Hal’s interview with Yitz Kolodny and David Kupfer who are co-founders of Theryon, Inc., a mobile app that allows you to book physical therapy sessions on demand. Our goal was to create an intimate desktop studio setup that could accommodate multiple guests while using minimal gear. 

The entire podcast was captured with just a few pieces of audio equipment on a small table. The setup included our new Q8x and Q7x dynamic microphones, a MixPad MXP124FX mixer, one MBA28 Microphone Boom Arm and a couple MD5 Desktop Microphone Stands. Each person monitored their sound using Z55 Professional Reference Headphones running through a QH4 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier. We ran the audio out of the mixer into Hal's laptop to record the show. This setup proved that you don't need a big production studio and budget to produce a broadcast-quality podcast.

Samson first met Hal at the 2016 Podcast Movement conference and developed a mutual partnership. "Recording at the Samson offices was an incredible experience," said Coopersmith. "We are so happy to have them as a partner. Ever since New York Launch Pod started using Samson equipment there has been a dramatic improvement in our audio quality. I especially love the MBA28 microphone boom arms in my studio. They allow me to place my Q8x mics right in front of my guests to get quality sound from them and they are very easy to set-up, use and store."

Sean Meagher, Director of Marketing at Samson commented, "Recording Hal's podcast at our office was a fun and exciting way to showcase our podcasting solutions in a live studio setting. Hal and New York Launch Pod represent the many innovative podcasters around the world who use Samson audio gear to produce their shows. This partnership further strengthens our position as the leading podcast audio solutions brand."

Stay tuned for audio and video from this event!

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