Listen Now To Samson's Q7 Mic Audio Sample Library

Samson's Q7 Dynamic Microphone is the ultimate workhorse. This handheld microphone is adept at capturing lush vocals and acoustic instruments, screaming guitar amps and piercing snare drums. The Q7 is a great tool to have in your studio's microphone locker, as well as be your dependable go-to mic on stage.

The Q7's ultra-sensitive, neodymium dynamic mic element captures every nuance of a performance. It's extended frequency response delivers a clear, crisp sound while able to withstand high sound pressure levels of up to 150dB SPL. In addition, the mic's internal shockmount and zinc die-cast body minimize handling noise.

Here are some audio samples of the Q7 recording a variety of vocal and instrumental performances:

To hear more audio samples or compare the sounds of different Samson microphones, visit Samson on SoundCloud.

For more information on the Q7 Dynamic Microphone, visit the Q7 product webpage.


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