Listen Now To Samson's Q8 Mic Audio Sample Library

Samson was founded over 35 years ago with the purpose of developing products that deliver incredible performance and value for demanding musicians. Samson's Q8 Dynamic Microphone is one of the most popular microphones for vocals and instrument miking applications. The Q8 is equally at home in both live and recording applications.

The Q8's neodymium dynamic mic element provides a linear frequency response for superior reproduction, with the capability to withstand high sound pressure levels up to 150dB SPL. The frequency response is flat with a slight lift around 8kHz. This tailored response makes fitting vocals in live mixes extremely easy with minimal EQ adjustments.

Here are some audio samples of the Q8 recording a variety of vocal and instrumental performances:

To hear more audio samples or compare the sounds of different Samson microphones, visit Samson on SoundCloud.

For more information on the Q8 Dynamic Microphone, visit the Q8 product webpage.