Samson Teams up with Montclair Records to Support Local Musicians

Samson has partnered with Long Island recording studio Montclair Records to further a connection with local up-and-coming musicians in the New York area. The Crossfade Collective, a live music showcase series hosted by Montclair Records, features some of the biggest and brightest acts in the local scene. Samson will donate microphones, headphones, cables and more to these performers at every show, as well as offer sponsorships to select artists in an effort to help their musical careers.

Montclair Records is a recording studio based on Long Island, NY. In addition to offering professional quality recording, mixing, mastering and music production services, Montclair Records also hosts live music events as The Crossfade Collective. In April 2016, Montclaire Records was featured in The New York Times (“A Bedroom Community With Verve”), spotlighting the company’s goal of bringing together the talented and vibrant music scene of Long Island. The studio has helped gain exposure for a number of the most promising up-and-coming artists in the area, both by recording and mixing their work, as well as placing them on stage at some of the hottest venues in the scene.

For more information about Montclair Records, The Crossfade Collective and the artists they work with, visit You can also follow @montclair_records and @crossfade_collective on Instagram.