Samson Resolv RXA Studio Reference Monitors with Air Displacement Ribbon Tweeters

Cutting through the Noise: How to choose a Studio Monitor

Samson Resolv RXA Monitor Setup

With so many different monitor choices, how do you select the correct option? You can’t rely on size, weight, or power, they just don’t tell the whole story.

To choose the right monitor, we need to first ask the question: What is the main job of my studio monitor?

Well the answer is actually directly in front of us as we look at our many options, in the form of the term Reference…. Reference Monitor/Studio Reference etc…

Your studio monitors must provide an accurate reference of how your mix will translate from location to location and speaker system to speaker system. For example, how will it sound in your car, on your living room stereo, on the way to work through your headphones?

From the early stages of development of the Resolv RXA monitors, accuracy was our mission. We wanted to create a monitor that faithfully reproduced tracks without coloration, while remaining affordable for the average home studio. As the development process moved along, we continued to test the same track on every listening device we could find until we settled on a sound that we considered a “true reference. “

RXA Air Displacement Ribbon Tweeter

High Frequency Efficiency

Our first breakthrough started at the top. We wanted to address the limitation of traditional soft dome tweeters, mainly reduced frequency range and surface reflections that color your sound. Enter our specially designed Air Displacement Tweeter. Inspired by Dr. Oskar Heil’s groundbreaking Air Motion Transformer principle of using a folded 3D design to expand acoustic surface area, the Air Displacement tweeter is built with lightweight components and molded into an efficient corrugated ribbon style tweeter. This method is able to move 4 times the air when compared with dome tweeter designs. This means that your high frequency reproduction is accomplished with significantly less driver movement. Less movement equals less distortion resulting in best in class high frequency response for the RXAs. Additionally, the tweeter’s corrugated folded design favors a wider horizontal dispersion, while reducing vertical dispersion. Vertical dispersion is the primary cause of room reflection from ceilings and other studio equipment. The result is a wider monitoring sweet spot and less coloration, meaning you are better equipped to hear subtle changes in EQ or reverb trails.

RXA Ribbon Exploded

Don’t Believe the Hype, It’s all about Recovery

When it comes to low frequencies, the reference killer is speaker resonance. This is why the RXA’s copolymer woofer employs a butyl surround for enhanced dampening. The result is tight kick drums, precise percussion, and low bass notes that musically fit into the densest mixes. Many of the RXA’s competitors lose sight of the main goal of a studio monitor as an accurate reference when they attempt to bring the club into the studio. Often the low frequencies are inappropriately accentuated for smaller studio drivers. While thump has its merits, in a studio monitor it can cause kick drums and low-percussion to sound out of tune, affecting your ability to monitor the critical low mid-range.

RXA IF Recovery

Studio Integration

We designed the RXA monitors to effortlessly integrate into any production space. There are 3 distinct input configurations including balanced XLR, unbalanced ¼”, and unbalanced RCA, for direct connections of your DJ controller or computer output. Bass and treble shelf controls allow you to adjust the speakers to match your listening environment.

RXA Rear Panel

Analog Power

The Resolv RXAs utilize a biamplified design with discrete amplifier circuitry to power the woofer and air displacement ribbon tweeter. This provides maximum driver efficiency, which reduces intermodulation distortion between the high and low frequencies.

RXA with console

You Deserve the Truth

Don’t be surprised; mix with the confidence that the only difference between your tracks from the studio to the club is the audience. Resolv RXA, because in the end, it’s all about the details

Samson Resolv RXA Studio Monitors

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