The Streaming Studio

If you're looking to produce a live audio podcast or even start a live streaming video channel, Samson has the gear to assist you in creating the ulitmate home workstation. The Streaming Studio is a collection of products that will make your broadcast sound great and stay within your budget.

1. Q7x Professional Dynamic Vocal Microphone accurately captures a wide dynamic range with tailored mid-range presence for a warm, natural sound. The ultimate workhorse, the Q7x features extremely low handling noise and provides exceptional sound reproduction for both live and studio broadcasts.

2. MXP124FX 12-Input Analog Stereo Mixer with Effects and USB features Samson's premium MDR (Maximum Dynamic Range) mic preamps to provide wide frequency range and natural response. The single-knob compressors keeps your recorded audio levels even, minimizing post-production work. The built-in USB interface makes recording your podcast to a computer easy.

3. Z45 Professional Studio Headphones raise the level of performance and comfort for professional studio headphones by offering a smooth, warm mid-range response and low-profile, collapsible design with genuine lambskin cushioning. The Z45s provide dynamic audio with the clarity and depth required for critical listening.

4. MD5 Desktop Microphone Stand is a 5", weighted mic stand guaranteed to be stabilize any microphone you prefer, no matter its size or weight. It's perfect for the home podcaster who doesn't have a lot of space, but needs a secure mic stand solution.

5. Tourtek TM10 10' Microphone Cables feature two 24-gauge, multi-strand inner conductors wrapped in a braided copper shield with 96% coverage, protected by a 6mm PVC outer jacket. The result is a premium cable providing excellent rejection of RF and electromagnetic interference.