30-Pin Bluetooth® Receiver Discontinued

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    Dock, Pair & Play.

    Samson's BT30 30-Pin Bluetooth Receiver transforms Apple 30-pin dock audio players, including select Samson Expedition Series Portable PAs, into Bluetooth-enabled receivers capable of streaming music wirelessly from smartphones, tablets and laptops. Ultra-convenient and easy-to-use, the BT30 lets you enjoy the latest in audio playback technology without sacrificing the useful accessories you’ve grown accustomed to for playing music, such as older iHomes, PA systems and more.

    Watch the Samson BT30 product video:

    Bluetooth 3.0

    Utilizing Bluetooth 3.0 technology, the BT30 receiver provides your 30-pin audio device with a 30' range for wirelessly streaming music. You can now control your music from afar with minimal effort, whether it's to skip to your favorite track or pause the music when the outside world comes calling. The BT30 also grants you the freedom to choose your music source. No longer bound to a certain device size or manufacturer, the ubiquity of Bluetooth protocol enables you to stream music to a 30-pin audio dock from virtually any smartphone, tablet and laptop.

    BT30 with Expedition PA

    Use With Samson PAs & More

    The BT30 works perfectly when combined with select Samson Expedition Series Portable PAs, including the XP40i, XP40iw, XP308i, and XP510i (all sold separately). In addition, the BT30 has been tested on more devices than most other 30-pin Bluetooth adapters. So where others fail, the BT30 keeps streaming. Even if your audio device doesn’t have a power switch (iHome, other earlier dock devices), you can be sure Samson's BT30 will provide a premium wireless listening experience.

    BT30 Package

    3-Step Setup

    The BT30 offers easy setup in just three simple steps: Dock, Pair and Play. Dock; Plug the BT30 receiver into your 30-pin dock audio device. Pair; Activate the Bluetooth feature on your music source and tap the Bluetooth Pair button on your BT30. Play; Select the music you wish to hear on your music source and enjoy. The receiver will even save these settings to your music source for even quicker and easier pairing the next time around. In addition, the BT30 conveniently receives its power from your audio device dock with no extra adapters or charging needed.

    Samson's BT30 30-Pin Bluetooth Receiver will breathe new, Bluetooth-capable life into your Apple 30-pin dock audio players.

    • Transforms Apple 30-pin dock audio players into Bluetooth-compatible receivers
    • Perfect for use with select Samson Expedition Series Portable PAs (XP40i, XP40iw, XP308i, XP510i)
    • Utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 technology
    • Provides 30' range for wirelessly streaming music
    • Easy setup via Bluetooth Pair button
    • Saves settings to your music source for easy pairing
    • Powered by audio device dock, no additional adapters or charging needed

    Downloads & Manuals

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