Tourtek Pro TPWAP Woven Fabric Patch Cables


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    Commitment to Better Sound.

    Tourtek Pro TPWAP Woven Fabric Patch Cables are extremely durable patch cables perfect for connecting instrument effects pedals. Not only do they look great, but they deliver exceptional performance on stage or in the studio, and the braided woven out jacket adds extra protection against kinks or cuts to the cable. Constructed with 99.99% OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), TPWAP provide a completely uncolored, pure tone in the signal chain. 99% braided shield and carbon-impregnated conductive PVC insulation, offer extremely low noise and excellent rejection of RF/EMI interference. Heavy-duty black chrome-plated brass connectors with 24k gold-plated plugs ensure that every connection is secure while providing optimal signal transfer.

    Tourtek Pro TPWAP Woven Fabric Patch Cables feature a 1/4" Right Angle connectors in 6", 1' and 3'.

      Available Models:
    • TPWAP - 6" Woven Fabric Patch Cable
    • TPWAP1 - 1' Woven Fabric Patch Cable
    • TPWAP3 - 3' Woven Fabric Patch Cable


    Conductor AWG Size & Stranding 20 AWG / 0.10x65
    Capacitance Conductor to Shield 28.7pF/ft @1kHz
    Material 99.99% Oxygen Free Copper
    Insulation Material Polyethylene
    Diameter 2.8mm ±0.05mm
    Braided Shield Material Bare Annealed Copper
    Coverage 99%
    Jacket Material PVC, Matte Finish
    Diameter 7.0mm ±0.1mm


    All Tourtek Pro Cables carry a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship.