Dual Microphone Adapter

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    Mic In Stereo.

    The Samson DMA2 Dual Microphone Adapter is the ideal accessory for utilizing stereo mic'ing techniques when recording, especially for orchestras, choirs and various other live and studio situations. The predominantly steel-constructed DMA2 can be connected to the top of any standard mic stand thanks to 5/8"-27 threading. From there, the adapter can hold two separate microphones via mic clips or boom arms with its 3/8" locking screws. These two screws can be adjusted to provide not only 360° of individual mic rotation, but also 2"–7" separation between the two mics. This allows you to find the appropriate mic placement for your particular recording application.

    • Dual microphone adapter ideal for stereo mic'ing techniques
    • Holds two mics (via mic clips or boom arms) with 3/8" locking screws
    • Adjustable screws offer 360° mic rotation and 2"–7" of mic separation for optimal placement
    • Connects to the top of any standard mic stand
    • 5/8"-27 mic stand threading
    • Steel construction