Microphone Pop Filter

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    The Samson PS05 Microphone Pop Filter is an essential mic accessory for any studio or other vocal recording environment. The PS05 features a dual-layer 4.75" nylon mesh screen that reduces the vocal popping sounds ("P-Pops") that occur during speech and singing, as well as protects the microphone from saliva. Once attached to any standard mic stand shaft or boom by the included C-clamp mount, the PS05 can be easily positioned to preference via an extra durable 7.25" gooseneck. Additional fine-tune positioning is made possible by the filter’s ball joint mount, which offers 360° filter rotation.

    • 5.25" microphone pop filter
    • Dual-layer 4.75" nylon mesh screen reduces vocal popping ("P-Pops") and sibilance
    • Extra durable 7.25" gooseneck for optimal filter positioning
    • Ball joint mount for 360° filter rotation
    • C-clamp mount (1" maximum grip) fits most standard mic stand shafts and booms