SRK Rack Shelves


Universal Rack Shelves

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    Shelf Life.

    The Samson SRK 19" universal rack shelves provide convenient placement and accessibility for your non-rackmountable gear. Available in two sizes (1-space [SRKS1U] and 2-space [SRKS2U]), these rack shelves are ruggedly constructed of cold rolled steel plates capable of holding up to 33 and 44 pounds of equipment respectively. While perfectly compatible with any standard equipment rack, the SRK Rack Drawers are ideal for use with the Samson SRK and SRK Pro Racks.

    • 19" universal rack shelves
    • SRKS1U: 1-space rack shelf (1.75" x 19" x 10"), 33lb of weight capacity
    • SRKS2U: 2-space rack shelf (3.5" x 19" x 14.75"), 44lb of weight capacity
    • Cold rolled steel plate construction
    • Four mounting points
    • Side perforations for passive ventilation
    • Black brushed, anodized finish
    • Ideal for use with Samson SRK and SRK Pro Racks