12-Channel/4-Bus Professional Mixing Console Discontinued

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    Comprehensive Features in a Compact Console

    Expanding on the success of the L Series mixers, Samson has created the L1200, a 12-channel/4-bus professional mixing console. Ideal for smaller venues and more modest applications where you still want all the comprehensive, professional features of a large console, the L1200 bridges the gap between size and functionality.

    Perfect for installation purposes or as a portable mixer for gigging bands, the L1200 provides 8 mono mic/line channels with studio-quality microphone preamps and 3-band swept mid EQ. In addition, the console features 2 stereo line channels with mic preamps and 4-band EQ, along with 3 aux sends plus an EFX send. The L1200 also offers XLR and 1/4-inch stereo main outputs as well as insert points for mono mic/line inputs, group outputs and stereo main outputs.

    Watch the L Series Product Video:

    We've designed large, backlit mute buttons that make console navigation in dimly lit club and theater settings easy and convenient. Additionally, there's two large 12-segment LED meters for the main mix and PFL/Solo. We even gave these mixers the versatility to create a variety of effects settings so you can deliver a different set of effects to your performers whenever the situation demands it. Combine all this with a 9-band stereo graphic EQ on the master output and you've got big console performance in a small console package.

    It's All About USB

    Like the larger L Series consoles, the L1200 includes USB functionality for computer recording and playback. And while there are more than a few mixing consoles with USB, the L1200 offers the capabilities to build a completely independent stereo mix specifically for your USB digital I/O. That means that-unlike many other mixers-your USB mix is not locked into your house mix. You can even use background tracks pre-recorded on a DAW and integrate them into the live performance directly from your computer.

    With everything you need to take a live performance to the next level, the L1200 puts the control in your hands and professionalism at your fingertips.

    • 12-channel/4-bus professional mixing console engineered for live sound
    • 8 mono mic/line channels with studio-quality microphone preamps and 3-band swept mid EQ
    • 2 stereo line channels with microphone preamps and 4-band EQ
    • XLR and 1/4" stereo main outputs
    • XLR mono subwoofer output with low-pass filter
    • Insert points for mono mic/line inputs, group outputs, stereo main outputs
    • 60mm faders on all channels, groups, and main mix
    • 24-bit DSP with 100 preset effects
    • 9-band stereo graphic EQ on master output
    • 3 aux sends plus EFX send
    • Assignable USB digital I/O for computer recording and playback
    • Oversized backlit mute switches
    • Two large 12-segment LED meters for main mix and PFL/Solo
    • Comes with rackmount kit (rackears)