Rackmount Line Mixer Discontinued

    A great way to add more inputs with mixing capability to keyboard setups, small live sound systems, Techno bands and multimedia situations, the PL1602 is a highly practical audio tool for all kinds of professionals. Transparent audio and useful features make this mixer an ideal add-on for any kind of application.
    • 16-channel, 2-bus line mixer in two rack spaces
    • 2 balanced XLR mic inputs with trim controls on rear panel
    • Level and balance controls on each channel
    • 2-band EQ on all channels
    • 2 Aux sends per channel
    • 2 stereo effects returns for outboard processing
    • Front-panel stereo headphone out with level control
    • 2 balanced main left/right outputs
    • 6 channel inserts and 2 main bus inserts for easy expandability