Auro X12D


1000W 2-Way Active Loudspeaker This product is not available in every country

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    Serious Power & Sonic Purity.

    Samson's Auro X12D 2-Way Active Loudspeaker provides outstanding reliability and sound quality for musicians, DJs and other live sound professionals. When sound matters, the Auro X12D is the solution.

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    Ultra-Efficient Power

    Boasting impressive power in a roadworthy, lightweight design, the X12D features a 1,000-watt Class D amplifier that produces sound with incredible clarity and definition at all volume levels. The speaker's bi-amplified circuit ensures its high and low frequency drivers are able to output high-integrity signal without distortion.

    Auro X12D Applications

    DSP Enhancement: R.A.M.P.

    Reactive Alignment

    The X12D offers Samson's proprietary Reactive Alignment digital signal processing technology. Through a meticulous study of transducer response, Samson engineers were able to program the ideal EQ adjustments needed to overcome traditional loudspeaker issues such as masked high frequencies from horn reflections and muddy mid-range from woofer surface reflections. In addition, the X12D’s crossover network features Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filters and transducer time alignment algorithms for superb frequency balance.

    Maximum Protection

    Designed to provide exceptional reliability, the X12D's integrated overcurrent and temperature sensors constantly monitor the power supply and amplifier while quietly applying necessary adjustments. No fans, no worries… just great sound.

    Components & Design

    The X12D features a custom 12” low frequency driver and a 1.34” titanium compression driver. Both drivers are carefully designed to provide fast recovery with minimal distortion. The compression driver is mounted to a 60° x 90° horn, matching the larger dispersion angle of the LF driver. This creates a balanced sound for the entire audience, especially when it comes to vocals that reside in the critical upper-mid frequencies.

    Auro X12D Various Angles

    Versatile Performance

    The X12D’s dedicated 2-channel mixer provides Volume controls for each channel, as well as a Master Volume control for the system’s overall output level. In addition, Channel 1 features a Mic/Line switch for both microphone and line-level connections. The speaker’s XLR line output circuit gives you extra routing options to expand your system. The X12D delivers superior application flexibility with its 3-position high pass filter (HPF) and EQ presets. For additional versatility, its cabinet design supports dual-angle floor monitor positioning and provides a standard locking pole mount receptacle for stand and satellite mounting.

    Auro X12D Versatile Performance

    Rugged For The Road

    With the most compact enclosure in its class, the X12D's lightweight casing is constructed of rigid polypropylene that is shaped to resist impact during transportation. A 14-gauge all-steel grill covers the entire front of the X12D, protecting the speaker components. In addition to its compact and lightweight design, two large recessed side carry handles further enhance the portability of the X12D.

    Auro X12D Easy Transport

    • Compact, lightweight Class D 2-way active loudspeaker
    • 1,000 watts of output power
    • 12" extended range low frequency driver
    • 1.34" (34mm) titanium compression driver
    • Samson's R.A.M.P. (Reactive Alignment/Maximum Protection) DSP technology
    • Two XLR-1/4" combo input channels with independent volume controls
    • Selectable Mic/Line Level Switch(Channel 1)
    • Master Volume control with peak indicator
    • 3-position EQ and HPF presets
    • XLR Link output allows expanded sound to additional speakers
    • Solid polypropylene enclosure with impact resistant design
    • Full metal grill protects all speaker components
    • Two large ergonomic carry handles
    • Integrated 1 3/8" speaker stand mount
    • Dual-angle floor monitor positioning options

    Downloads & Manuals

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