Expedition XP40i


Rechargeable Portable PA Discontinued

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    All-In-One & One-For-All.

    Samson makes public address simple with an all-in-one portable sound system that offers everything you need to deliver a professional and memorable presentation: The Expedition XP40i.

    To ensure pristine, full-range sound, the XP40i employs a 6" woofer and a 1" high frequency driver. The unit features a 40 watt Class D amplifier that is perfectly matched to the driver for high efficiency and low current draw. An internal iPod dock with level control also gives you the option of incorporating songs or other MP3s into your performance. Plus, with bass and treble control you can tweak your sound to appropriately match your specific setting and audience.

    Watch the Expedition XP40i product video:

    An internal rechargeable battery provides the XP40i with absolute mobility. In addition, a 1/4" link in/out jack allows for linking two systems together to create a stereo setup. Lastly, as this stand-mountable PA is also extremely lightweight, it enhances the portability of the system. The XP40i even has a convenient integral top handle for easier transport.

    High-quality components, professional features and convenient portability make Samson's XP40i a consummate single system solution to a wide range of public address applications, including tour groups, classrooms, conference/meeting rooms, health clubs, outdoor events and even small auditoriums.

    In The Boardroom

    With the XP40i, your voice will command the boardroom podium with as much authority as the main stage. The XP40i provides the perfect solution for a business professional leading any sort of presentation. No matter the application, from PowerPoint presentations to company meetings and corporate events, you can convey your ideas in a clear, concise manner and perform your job better. You can even use XP40i's integrated iPod dock to playback audio clips in promoting a more interactive listening experience for any audience.

    In The Classroom

    Students, teachers and professors will find that the XP40i possesses some functions unique to music education. It's ideal for directing large instrumental ensembles. The XP40i will help conductors keep even their percussionists on task. Thanks to its integrated iPod dock, soloists and small ensembles can practice along with recorded accompaniment. Also, the XP40i's audio playback abilities make the analysis of recorded music easier, as well as a more interactive listening and educational experience.

    At The Karaoke Club Or Coffeehouse

    Though the XP40i was designed for providing quality sound reinforcement in public address settings, the range of musical settings that can benefit from the system's features is substantial. Whether you're a singer/songwriter gigging in a small coffee shop or a karaoke diva captivating the audience in a medium-sized club, the XP40i will ensure your sound is well suited for your space.

    Wherever Your Guitar Goes

    The XP40i can also hold its own as a portable guitar amplifier. Simply plug your electric guitar and effects board into the XP40i and you are ready to rock your hardest alongside your fellow bandmates or your favorite iPod playlist. Bring the music outdoors, as the XP40i and an acoustic guitar are the perfect pair for a classic fire pit jam session. Wherever your guitar goes, the XP40i goes.

    By The Pool

    The XP40i's portability makes it ideal for countless recreational uses. For a traveling instructor, the XP40i is perfect for leading exercise/yoga classes in fitness clubs. Outdoor functions pose no problem whatsoever for the XP40i. Block parties, sporting events and matters of crowd control now have a more practical, and still extremely portable, alternative to the megaphone. The XP40i would be a particularly great addition to your backyard, ideal for providing musical entertainment during barbeques and pool parties.

    Given the convenient all-in-one functionality of the Expedition XP40i, making a professional and memorable public address has never been more fun or stress free.

    • Integrated iPod dock
    • 2-way speaker enclosure with 6" woofer
    • 1" high frequency driver
    • Lightweight, Class D amplifier produces 40 watts of power
    • Built-in 3-channel mixer
    • XLR-1/4" combo input for line level or microphone level devices
    • 1/4" input for guitar and line level devices
    • 1/8" stereo aux input for stereo line level devices (MP3 players, keyboards, etc.)
    • 1/4" link in/out jack to link two systems together creating a stereo setup
    • Bass and treble controls
    • Integrated 1 3/8" speaker stand mount
    • Ergonomic top carry handle
    • Iternal rechargeable battery included

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