Expedition 200


Portable PA Discontinued

    When tilted back, the Expedition 200 functions nicely as an onstage monitor.

    Using the same cabinet and speaker design as the EX10, the Expedition 200 (XP200) powered enclosure has a bi-amped power cell capable of producing up to 200 Watts RMS (160 Watts Low/40 Wattts Hi). It also includes an active crossover and built-in limiting.

    The XP200's power module gives you three stages of speaker protection, including relay switching for power up and power down. The on-board limiter circuit ensures a clean output even when you push it to maximum sound pressure levels. Because of its perfectly matched amplifier and speakers, the XP200 is particularly effective as a powered monitor.

    Improved 12" Heavy-duty Celestioin LF Driver, 1" Titanium compression Driver, and Exclusive Celestion/Samson designed crossover.

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