EQ and Feedback Management Discontinued

    Two of the biggest problems with digital processing units are that they can be difficult to understand and cumbersome to operate. The D-3500 Feedback Management System simplifies matters with Automatic Frequency Restoration (AFR) technology. If feedback spikes on any of the 30 filters, the frequency is cut. But even better, AFR continues to monitor that frequency. So, unlike feedback systems of the past, If the feedback goes away, the frequency is restored.

    • 30 parametric filters
    • AFR Auto Frequency Restore
    • Multiple filter settings
    • Programmable Delay, High/Low Pass, Gate, Limiter & more
    • 24-bit audio resolution and sample rates up to 96kHz
    • Store up to 100 program settings
    • Linkable via MIDI or D·Net System Interface