Mono Active Mic Booster

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    High-Rise is a compact, inline signal booster, providing up to +30dB of transparent gain for connecting low output microphones to mixers, audio interfaces and preamps. Whether you are capturing spoken word for a podcast or livestream, recording in the studio or performing on stage, the High-Rise provides more headroom to ensure an ultra-clean microphone signal.

    Take Your Mic to New Heights

    The High-Rise is a pre-preamp that boosts the signal of very low output mics connected to mixers, interfaces or stand-alone mic preamps that have too small of a gain range (typically a maximum of +40dB to +55dB), making some mics unusable with normal speaking levels or soft instruments.

    Moving On Up

    Its high-quality preamp has selectable +20dB or +30dB of clean gain which increases headroom and allows you to achieve a usable level at the connected preamp with a much lower gain setting, thus reducing additional noise to the signal chain. The result is the best possible audio performance for low-output passive mics. It also has a +20dB setting with a high frequency lift for enhanced vocal presence to your performance. A selectable low-cut filter removes muddiness to improve clarity in the mic signal.

    Above the Rest

    A high-performance class-A design in a fully differential input and output arrangement delivers an exceptionally clean and highly transparent signal. The High-Rise operates off of phantom power, so there are no additional power supplies needed. It does not pass phantom power to the microphone making it perfectly safe to use with delicate passive ribbon mics.

    Road Tough

    Tough, road ready and highly portable, the High-Rise is housed in a 14-gauge steel enclosure that protects the electronics and it is built to withstand the abuse of the most demanding tours or busy professional studios.

    • In-line, mono active microphone signal booster
    • Selectable +20dB or +30dB of ultra-clean gain
    • Powered by 48V phantom power
    • Provides extra headroom to your preamp, mixer or audio interface with a cleaner, lower noise signal
    • Class-A biased bipolar transistors in a fully differential input/differential output design for ultra-transparent performance
    • Selectable Low Cut Filter and High-Frequency Lift
    • Protects passive ribbon microphones from potential damage caused by phantom power
    • Rugged all-metal, impact resistant design withstands the toughest live sound environments