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Multimedia Speaker System Discontinued

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    The Way Music Should Sound.

    Samson's Meteor M2 Multimedia Speaker System is the ideal sound solution for desktops, laptops and tablets. Through the use of premium components, innovative sound design and custom digital signal processing, the full metal Meteor M2 breathes new sonic life into your favorite music, movies and games.

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    • AskAudio Magazine
      — "[The Meteor M2s] produce far more low end than speakers of this size should have the right to."

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    Stunning Size & Lows

    The Meteor M2 is carefully crafted to deliver powerful full-range sound that goes way beyond its compact size. The stereo pair speaker system combines 2.5" drivers and rear-ported passive radiators to produce exceptional low-end performance normally confined to larger speakers and 3-piece systems with dedicated subwoofers.

    Meteor M2 Callouts

    Multimedia Magic

    For those who use their computers and laptops as their primary entertainment medium, the Meteor M2 is ideal. The speaker system is designed not only to dramatically improve volume level over that of your internal computer speakers, but also to deliver a crisp, detailed stereo field in which to enjoy fatigue-free listening. This makes it the perfect choice for extended music playback sessions and watching movies.

    Meteor M2 Music Playback/Movies

    A Desktop Dream

    Ready to use right out of the box, the Meteor M2 comes with a speaker cable (integrated on passive speaker) to connect the stereo pair, as well as an 1/8" Aux cable to connect the speakers to your computer, tablet, smartphone or MP3 player. The active speaker's side panel features a Power (I/O) button, as well as a Volume control for making quick adjustments. In addition, the Meteor M2's zinc die cast construction provides solid durability, while their sleek, elegant finish looks great on any desk.

    Meteor M2 Computer

    As an industry leader in professional audio solutions known for its fidelity and reliability, Samson invites you to enjoy the way music should sound… with the Meteor M2 Multimedia Speaker System.

    • Compact multimedia speaker system
    • Sold as a stereo pair (one active speaker, one passive speaker)
    • 2.5" drivers
    • Additional rear-ported passive radiators produce full-range audio
    • Crystal clear high-end performance
    • Exceptional bass response
    • Side panel Power (I/O) button and Volume control
    • Includes speaker (integrated on passive speaker) and 1/8" Aux cables
    • Rugged zinc die cast construction
    • Sleek, elegant finish

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