Rubicon R8a


Active Ribbon Studio Monitors Discontinued

    Samson's Rubicon Active Ribbon Studio Monitors feature 2-inch Velocity Ribbon high frequency transducers that compliment a 2-way active system capable of reproducing playback in its most natural form. Ribbon drivers have no resonant color and even dispersion, unlike a traditional diaphragm tweeter. The ribbon driver itself has no added sound characteristics. In technical terms, there is no addition or subtraction to the harmonics of the sound they are producing; they are completely neutral. Ribbon technology gives you clean accurate and precise listening, which is why these monitors sound so natural and lifelike, just like a studio monitor should.The Rubicon R8a features a bi-amped power section offering 75 Watts to a newly designed 8-inch inverted cone low-frequency driver and 25 Watts to the high frequency ribbon. The two-way system is housed in a shelf-ported wood enclosure with RCA, balanced 1/4-inch and XLR input connections. There is also a 4-segment high frequency lift control that allows the listener to dial in the ribbon tweeter to their preferred level.
    • 2-Way Active Ribbon Studio Reference Monitor
    • 2-inch Velocity Ribbon High Frequency Transducer
    • 8-inch Inverted Cone Low Frequency Driver with Butyl Surround
    • Bi-Amp Power: 75 Watts LF / 25 Watts HF
    • 4-Position High Frequency Level Control
    • Tuned, Shelf-Ported Enclosure