AirLine Wind Instrument


Microphone System Discontinued

    This page applies to an older version of our AirLine system, please see the new version in our current product lineup

    The first wireless system for wind instruments without a body pack or microphone cables to limit your movement on stage. The AH1 Headset Transmitter clips right onto your horn. Super compact, the AH1 still has every control you need: A Power On/Off switch, Input Sensitivity control, a Mute (Audio on/off) switch and a multi-function LED that indicates when the transmitter is on and the battery is running low.

    The AH1 comes equipped with Samson's popular HM-40 microphone (or optionally the ROAM 1 by Applied Microphone Technology) to capture the full range of your instrument. Featuring miniaturized circuitry and the ability to operate on a tiny triple-A battery with 14-hours of life, AirLine transmitters give you great sound and reliable wireless reception over long ranges. And UHF means clearer frequencies with less interference. The AR1 reciever has both XLR balanced and 1/4" unbalanced outputs.

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