UHF Series One

    We designed UHF Series One to give everyone the highest level of wireless performance at affordable prices. Fully professional, the receiver features a True Diversity design with two independent receivers, S.A.W. (Surface Acoustic Wave) technology and built-in tuned, molded antennas for the most stable RF reception possible.The UR1 receiver front panel includes an RF level meter, Squelch control, Peak audio LED and Power switch. The system also features a super-compact "beeper-size" beltpack and a 3-segment LED "battery-life" meter on all transmitters that indicates when the battery is running low. Patent-pending direct Phase-Lock Loop transmitter technology "locks" in the signal to ensure stable transmission. UHF Series One is available with the popular Samson Qmic vocal and headset mics and a variety of other mic elements. It also has both a balanced XLR output (mic/line switchable) and unbalanced 1/4" output. Series One. UHF wireless for the next millenium--now.
    • First truly affordable high performance UHF wireless system.
    • Operates in the 800-806 MHz band.
    • Super compact "beeper-size" beltpack transmitter.
    • 3-segment LED "battery-life" meter in transmitters.
    • True Diversity technology (two independent receivers). One space, half-rack receiver equipped with (S.A.W.) Surface Acoustic Wave circuitry and tuned, molded antennas for stable reception.
    • Comprehensive receiver front-panel with multi-color RF Level meter, Squelch control, Audio Peakn and Antenna A/B LED indicators and Power switch.
    • Balanced XLR output and unbalanced 1/4" output.
    • Patent-pending transmitter technology.