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How to uninstall SoftPre Windows applet

How to uninstall SoftPre Windows applet

Step 1. Access Add or Remove Programs through the Control Panel or right-click on the SoftPre Applet icon. Choose Delete. A message will appear saying that you would need to go to Add or Remove Programs in order to remove program from computer. Click on the Add or Remove Programs link and find Samson SoftPre in the list of programs. Click the Remove button.

Step 2. Go to Control Panel. Click on System, followed by Hardware, followed by Device Manager. In Sound, video, and game controllers, find Samson Audio (WDM). Note: This may also be called some form of generic USB Audio if the C01U is not specifically listed.

Right click, and choose Uninstall. A warning message will pop up saying that this will uninstall driver. Click ok.

Step 3. In Universal Serial Bus Controllers, find Samson C01U. Again, this may also be called another USB Audio device, if not specifically listed. Right click and choose Uninstall.

Step 4. Your C01U microphone is now uninstalled. Please remove the microphone from the USB cable, and then plug it back in. Your computer should recognize the C01U as a new hardware device, and you will be able to readjust the volume settings in the computer program you are using to record in.

Follow the directions in the document Using the C01U in XP without SoftPre.

Note: in Windows Sound Recorder, the default settings after uninstalling the applet will be turned almost fully down. You would need to adjust these levels manually through Audio Properties in your Edit menu. Similar input problems may occur with other recording programs as well, and would need to be readjusted manually after uninstalling the SoftPre Applet.