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Samson SoftPre

Samson SoftPre has been discontinued as the plug-and-play capability of modern operating systems have replaced its functionality. The Samson Q1U, C01U & C03U are designed to be fully functional without installing the SoftPre applet software using the standard drivers included in your computer's operating system.

If you have question on how to use a Samson USB mic with your computer, please refer to Samson's USB Mic FAQs. For further support please contact

If you have previosuly installed SofPre and and would like to remove it from your system,

Mac OS X

SoftPre UnInstaller for OS X, Version 0.5 (Universal Binary) - 20KB - April 30th, 2007

Windows XP

How to uninstall SoftPre Windows applet

Tech Notes for using the C01U, C03U and Q1U in Windows

Samson's USB Mic FAQs

Using the C01U, C03U and Q1U in Windows 98

Using the C01U, C03U and Q1U in Windows XP

Using the Samson USB Microphones with Windows Vista