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SoftPre installation (Windows XP)

Note: We no longer recommend using the Samson SoftPre Applet , the information on this page is here for reference/historical purposes only.

SoftPre installation (Windows XP)

Unzip the .zip file.

1. Double-click the .msi file to start the installation.

2. Press Next and follow the directions given by the installer.

3. Click the radio button to accept the terms of the license agreement and press Next.

4. Ensure that the microphone is plugged into the USB port you want to use and press Install.

5. The installation will begin and a window will pop up to install the driver.

6. A Windows Logo testing window will pop up. Press Continue Anyway.

7. Complete the software installation wizard by pressing Finish.

8. The system will now finish installing the drivers. The Found New Hardware wizard will open. Select Install the software automatically and press Next.

9. The hardware installer will install the drivers and additional Windows Logo testing windows may pop up. Press Continue Anyway.

10. When the hardware installer finishes, press Finish.

Getting started with the software

1. Double-click the SoftPre icon to start the software.

2. An icon will appear in the bottom right hand of the screen. Clicking this icon shows or hides the control panel.

3. Start your audio application

4. In your audio application, select Samson C01U as an input device.

5. If your audio application supports live monitoring or level monitoring, turn this on; otherwise, start recording.

6. When the application is receiving audio data, you should see a level in the SoftPre panel.


If the program runs but the gain does not respond to the slider or there is no level displayed on the meter, try this procedure for making sure the drivers have installed correctly.