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Using the C01U, C03U and Q1U in Windows XP without SoftPre

Using the C01U, C03U and Q1U in Windows XP without SoftPre

The example is in Windows XP with Service Pack 2. Other versions may vary.

1. Plug in microphone. The LED will light to indicate it is receiving USB power. Windows will recognize the USB audio device and automatically install the universal drivers. (These balloons will not appear next time you plug it in, as the microphone drivers are already installed.)

The C01U is now recognized as a Windows audio device under the name Samson C01U . Each additional C01U will have a number added, such as Samson C01U (2) , and so on. To set it as the default device and change computer-controlled gain:

2. Access Sounds and Audio Devices through Control Panel :

3. Select Samson C01U as Sound recording Default device under the Audio tab. The default device is used in simple programs like Sound Recorder. In most pro audio programs you can select which device (or multiple devices) to use within the program itself. To set computer-controlled gain, click the Volume button:

4. The Wave In window sets the computer-controlled gain or mutes the microphone. The microphone is monaural, so the Balance control should not be adjusted. The signal is carried on the left channel. The gain is from −∞ dB to +20 dB.

Another way to reach the volume control:

1. Right-click on the speaker icon in the notification area and select Open Volume Control :

2. The dialog that pops up will most likely be the volume control for your internal sound card. To access the microphone level, select Properties from the Options menu:

3. Select Samson C01U from the Mixer device drop down menu. Recording is the only valid selection, as there is no output through the microphone:

4. Press OK to get the volume control dialog: