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Using the Samson USB Microphones with Windows Vista

Using the Samson USB Microphones with Windows Vista

1. Plug in your USB microphone. The LED will light to indicate that it is receiving USB power. Windows will automatically recognize the USB Audio Device and install the Universal drivers.

Installing Device Driver

The USB Microphone is now recognized as a Windows audio device under the name Samson Q1U/C01U/C03U/etc. Each additional USB microphone will have a number added, such as Samson Q1U (2) and so on. To set your USB microphone as your default device and to change computer controlled gain, access your Control Panel.

2. Under the classic view of your Control Panel, select Sound.

Classic View

3. Click on the recording tab. The Samson USB Microphone will be listed. Click on the USB Microphone. If there is no green check mark next to the Samson USB Microphone, click Set Default. The default device is used in most simple recording programs such as Sound Recorder. In most pro audio programs you can select the device (or multiple devices) within the recording program itself.


4. To set the microphone gain, click on Properties. Then click on the Levels tab. The Levels tab sets the computer controlled gain or mutes the microphone. A meter for the microphone will appear, which you can use to adjust the microphone gain.

Mic Properties

When first connected, the microphone gain setting will be rather minimal, and will need to be turned up.

Mic Properties Gain

If you click on the Balance button, you will see two meters, one for the left, and one for the right. These faders should be even, in order to get optimal sound from the USB microphone.

Mic Balance

Once these settings are made, levels should show under the USB Microphone.

Mic Working

Now you are ready to set up your microphone in your recording program.