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Can I add more speakers to my XP40iw?
You can get an XP40iw and add an XP40i and connect them with a 1/4” cable via the LINK. You could also get a second XP40iw on a different channel and connect them via the LINK so you can have two microphones. You can purchase multiple XP40iw's all on the same channel and use one Microphone the signal will be picked by all of the receivers.
Is the C01u compatible with Windows 7?
Yes. The C01u (and all other Samson USB mics) is compatible with all standard Operating Systems using USB 1.1, or 2.0 ports. These OSs include Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Also Mac OSX Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard.
Can I use a headset with the XP40iw?
The XP40iw comes with a handheld microphone however you can purchase a Stage 5 belt pack and headset mic on the same channel as the system and they will work together.
Will the XP40iw and XP40i work with all iPods?
Yes, in fact all of our systems with iPod docks will take all current generations of iPod and iPhone.
I do not know what Operating System I have. How do I find out?
If you have a Mac, click the Apple in the top left corner, then click "About This Mac". If you have a PC, right click "My Computer" or "Computer" on your desktop, then click "Properties".
Does the C01u work with Unbutu?
We don't know yet.
Why can't I find the SoftPre download?
The SoftPre Applet is no longer available, as it is not necessary. The applet featured three options which can be found both in your Operating System's settings as well as in your recording software. If you are still using SofrPre, we recommend you uninstall to prevent any interference with your System or Audio Recording software. To uninstall Softpre (windows):Follow these instructions: To uninstall Softpre Mac OS XDownload the uninstaller:
Why is there a delay when I listen to myself as I record?
The delay you hear is called "Latency". This occurs due to the time it takes for your computer to process the audio in the digital domain, then change it back to analog so your speakers can play it.
Is it possible to hear what I record in real time?
Yes, but not with this mic. You would need to use an Audio Interface, which replays that audio back to you before the analog to digital conversion. The Samson G-Track is a great example of that.
I can't get my C01u to attach to my mic stand. It seems that the thread in the clip is too small for the mic stand. What gives?
All of our microphones come with a Euro Adapter. Some mics have them pre-installed in the mic clip. This adapter is for European standard mic stands, which are smaller than US standard mic stands. You can use a large flat-head screwdriver or even a coin to simply unscrew that adapter from the clip!
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