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Can the GoMic be used with Skype?
Yes, the GoMic is like any other USB mic. It's a matter of setting the mic as the computer's default input and output device. Once that is done, Skype will recognize it!
Is the GoMic compatible with Windows 7?
Yes, the GoMic is a USB 2.0 Plug n Play compatible device. It will work with all current Operating Systems.
I've noticed the green LED light on the mic stays on whenever the mic is plugged in to my computer. Is this ok for the GoMic?
Yes absolutely. The GoMic uses USB power, which will in no way damage the mic if it remains plugged in at all times. 
Does the GoMic require batteries?
No, the GoMic operates from USB power, which any USB 1.1 or better will provide!
I just got the GoMic, but have Windows 7. I can't find the driver on your website. Can you help?
The GoMic doesn't require any specific drivers, and is made to use your operating system's native USB audio drivers. If the computer tells you it can not find a driver, your OS likely needs an update.
What does the three-way switch on the side do?
The switch allows you to choose between a cardioid polar pattern, for recording in front of the mic, an omnidirectional polar pattern for recording from all around the microphone.  The middle selection also allows you to record in a cardioid pattern, but with a -10dB pad applied to it, for recording especially loud sources.
Will my Meteor Mic work with my iPad?
Yes, The Meteor Mic is the only USB mic that does not need and external power hub. Use the Camera connection kit to connect the Meteor Mic to the iPad. Once connected now Open GarageBand or what ever recording program you are using.
When recording with my DAW should I pick USB Audio Codec Left, Right or Stereo as my input?
If recording just from your microphone, use left.  If recording a mono (electric guitar) instrument through the input jack, choose right.  Use stereo when recording a stereo instrument like a keyboard, drum machine, or mp3 player (Input must be switched to “Line”).
How do I record from the mic and input at the same time?
Make sure the “Inst/Mic” is selected as your input, and then set up two mono tracks on your recording program.  Make sure to assign the left and right inputs to different tracks.  The left channel will have the mic signal, and the right channel will have the input signal.
Will the XP308i work with all iPods?
Yes, in fact all of our systems with iPod docks will take all current generations of iPod and iPhone.
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