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Can you use the system with the mixer/amp set in the speaker?
Yes, you can. The mixer's amp has a fan that blows cool air from the front of the mixer, and all connections are on that same front panel.
How to I set the channels on the receiver and the transmitter?
Have the receiver turned on and the transmitter off. Hold the IR on the transmitter in line with the IR on the receiver roughly a pointer fingers length away. Press and hold the Edit button until the screen says SCAN and just an F and *** appears. The unit will pick a channel. When IR SET blinks turn on the power to your transmitter. The transmitter should now show the same Channel as the Receiver.
Where are the rest of the 319 channels? I can’t find them.
To access the full spectrum of channels available on the Airline Synth, you’ll need to operate in Free Mode. See page 13 of your user manual for more details.
What do all the different lights on my transmitter mean?
The LED acts differently depending on the situation.    YELLOW AR2 Powered On, No Tone-Key Present GREEN AH2 On, Normal Operation Flashing GREEN AH2 Audio Muted RED Transmitter Input Overloaded   This table can be found on page 8 of your operation manual.
What is the battery life for my system?
On a full charge, the Li-Ion batteries should provide nearly ten hours of usage before it is fully depleted.
I just bought two systems with the same channel, how can I change them?
Your wireless system has been tuned to work on only one channel and cannot be changed easily. Only a licensed Samson Wireless technician can change the channel on a wireless device.  Please contact your retailer and ask about any exchange possibilities.
I’d like to use two transmitters at once so where can I buy another transmitter?
Only one transmitter can be used per receiver per channel.  If you’d like to use two microphones simultaneously, you’ll need to purchase a new system on a different channel.  One transmitter can be used with multiple receivers though, as long as they are the same channel.
What’s the better system, N1 or N6?
The systems are identical aside from the channel they operate on.  No channel is particularly better than any other channel.  Some channels may work better than other channels depending if there is any interference in that area.  Otherwise all the devices operate normally.
How many Airline 77 systems can be used at once?
Since we have six separate UHF channels (N1-N6) only a maximum of six systems can be used at the same time, assuming they are all on a different channel.
Are the Concert 77 N-Channels the same as my Airline N-Channels?
Yes, those channels operate on the same UHF frequencies.
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