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What are the three polar patterns, and what do they do?

Polar patterns are one of the most important features of a microphone.  A polar pattern determines which direction(s) a microphone will receive audio from.  The dual-19mm capsules in the C03U allow the microphones to switch between three different polar patterns, which allows for great versatility for your recording setups.  The three polar patterns available are Hyper Cardioid, Figure-8, and Omni.


Hyper Cardioid- The hyper cardioid polar pattern is highly directional, meaning it is best used when looking to focus in on a particular source with the least amount of outside noise.  It is designed to pick up sound from the front of the microphone, where the LED is located.  It will also pick up some sounds from just outside the opposite end of the microphone but the signal will not be nearly as strong as the front of the microphone.  If you’re looking to isolate a certain performer, it is recommended you use this pattern.


Figure-8- The figure-8 polar pattern has a bidirectional polar pattern designed after its namesake, and this allows for equal amounts of signal to be picked up from in front of, and behind the microphone.  This is great when looking to record two speakers at once, or if you’re looking to pick up great directional sound, as well as some light reflected sounds like reverb and room noise, while still blocking out audio from the sides of the microphone.


Omni- The omni polar pattern is, as its name implies, all encompassing.  It picks up audio from all around the microphone making it great for conference recording, heavy reflected sounds, and for getting the best ambient sounds out of your recording.  It will pick up a live band, as well as the audience, giving live recordings a strong sense of authenticity.  It is not great for isolation, but if you’re looking to record a rehearsal, or any situation where sounds will be coming from all around in no particular direction, the omni polar pattern is the best choice.